Maximize your human capital by using darn good predictive talent analytics


The Predictive Index® allows us to make hiring decisions 2,000 miles away.
— Craig Averett, Recruitment Manager - Gentle Giant Moving Co.

Predictive BEHAVIORAL Analytics, the next big thing in HR

We know the benefits of using predictive behavioral analytics in a smart and advanced way, embedded throughout the full employee lifecycle.

We firmly believe that in our fast-moving and fast-changing world it is the next big thing to create a competitive advantage for any organization. 

To put it even more bluntly —  organizations that don't integrate  behavioral and cognitive assessments into their talent management toolbox, are missing out on a critical opportunity to significantly increase not only the strategic impact of the HR function but more importantly the overall company performance.

How to better position yourselves for growth

It's a given that in today's world talent is what distinguishes great companies from average ones. So does your organization offer you the tools and insights that really support great talent decisions?

If not, think of what could be accomplished if you could back up your day-to-day activities and long-term people strategy with validated behavioral and cognitive assessment data -which gives you a clear understanding of people's drivers, needs and behaviors-? 

You'll be driving better, more sustainable and scalable results. How? By taking the guesswork out of attracting, developing and retaining the right talent for your organization.


We change the way clients find the right people, develop leaders and achieve growth plans

Predictive Human Capital is an Associate Partner and certified member of the global Predictive Index (PI) network, with about 400 experienced PI consultants at 45 member firms. 

Together we change the way clients find the right people, develop leaders at all levels, and achieve growth goals. Founded in 1955, PI pioneered a new approach, based on the Predictive Index assessment, for optimizing the performance and potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

PI offers a unique combination of behavior and cognitive skill assessments based on a proven methodology incorporating data, technology, knowledge, and business expertise.

More than 8,000 clients drive dramatically better business results by leveraging PI's data driven solutions in 142 countries.


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There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequal people.
— Ken Blanchard - author and management expert

Improve company culture, increase workforce performance and engagement

A company's culture is the personality of an organization. It's a powerful prime factor that shapes people's work relationships, work enjoyment and work processes. 

Building a diverse culture is a worthwhile investment, as it -next to the above- also influences your organization's productivity and ability to innovate. 

Using talent assessments in a smart and advanced way gives you the insights that help you to build a balanced and truly diverse workforce and company culture. In addition, it helps you to cut costs by preventing the most common and frequent workforce problems from happening.

When organizations use talent assessments in a smart way, everyone wins

Behavioral patterns are unique. People's native drives, needs, and behaviors are like their superpowers. It helps them to excel in their career and contribute to the success of the organization. 

If you knew there were quite some elements of a particular job that really demotivate some of your people and prevent them from successfully performing, would you still allocate this work to them — or to others that really enjoy doing the work, get energized by it and want to succeed exactly in that type of work?

Organizations that use THE PREDICTIVE INDEX® solutions